This school is changing the lives of so many people, and it is changing my life as well.
-Mechai Viravaidya, Founder of the Mechai Pattana School

Due to the generous support of the business and philanthropic community, the Mechai Pattana School can train other teachers in Thailand on its innovative educational methodologies. The school will function as a base for a 21st-century Teachers Training center, and it will encourage teachers to foster a child’s creativity and imagination as opposed to teaching by rote memorization. The Mechai Pattana School has partnered with numerous international schools in Thailand, and it has hosted a wide-range of volunteers, both Thai and international. Since the school has a strong emphasis on the importance of teaching, many of the students have indicated that they would like to become teachers. There are already many preparatory schools for the military, but the Mechai Pattana School will be unique in that it is preparing students to become teachers.