” For me , you are overcome with Veeravaitaya is inspiring and shows that he knows the business of creativity. And a great sense of humor . Able to successfully “.
- Melinda Gates – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Teaching methods currently used in Asia. Southeast are ancient and no. Encourages students to Learn to use your creativity and imagination. With the cooperation of private enterprise, School-Based Integrated Rural Development program (or School-BIRD) , which strives to change. Conversion of places where students come to school . Just to school and back home as a center for lifelong learning to the community. Underlying the development of this new model is aimed at the advancement of the community and developing life . This is where everyone Can develop Efficacy By school Centered learning Life of the community In this way we may be able to guarantee. That within three years. Families with Children From this school Will eventually move out of poverty .