The school has two arms: an educational arm which operates the school for 180 students, located at Lamplaimat district, Buriram province of Northeast Thailand and a community development arm which provides assistance and cooperation to rural government schools and their surrounding communities.

The school’s objective is to foster good citizens:

The school imparts students with life skills and occupational skills and encourages them to be innovative and to think outside the box. They are involved in many of the management aspects of the school through a Student Cabinet and several Student Operating Committees.

As the activities of the Bamboo School became widely known, many institutions and schools have asked our permission to use our “Lifelong Learning Center” system in their schools. The most significant and sizeable group seeking our cooperation was the Association of Small Community Schools of Thailand,
which requested our assistance to establish a “Poverty Eradication Farm” in their schools as well as other key components. The three requested components which were relayed in their letter to the Bamboo School were:
1. “To supplement the current government core curriculum by introducing a more dynamic and relevant approach to education.”
2. “To enable students and community members to acquire agriculture and business skills through the school.”
3. “To assist small schools to become community business and lifelong learning centers.”

Classrooms and other school buildings are made of Bamboo and include the world’s largest bamboo geodesic dome, based on the geodesic design of the world famous American architect Buckminster Fuller.
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Students come from across the country

Students  come from  across  the country